Hello Precious Gentlemen!

Why Precious? I am from Ukraineand the 60% of the Sumycity dwellers, I live in, are women. Among the rest 40% the vast majority was spoiled by “moonshine”.That is why, men , for us, for Ukrainian women are like pure gold.  smiley

As you see, the choice for women is not so extended, especially taking into account that we are lacking men for each and every woman.

That is why there are a lot of beautiful, sexual and single ladies among my friends. If you will pay attention to one of my friends (blue-eyed blond with model sizes), you never believe if I will tell you that she spends her evenings at home in total solitude, without dating someone in the café  (smile).

I have a substantial private life, but the loneliness of my dear friends downgrades me.  That is why I decided to widen their circle of communication and assigned them on the dating sites. Oh, miracle! Theirlifebecametobubble. And the idea to create marriage agency was born inside of me.

I know the way my future agency would be. During the experiments with my friends, I had to see a lot of fraudulent agencies. Suchagenciestakephotosandsome information about a lady and just illicit the money from gentlemen. Ladieshavenoideawhowritesletterstothem, because agency stuff writes letters instead of the ladies! Which happy marriage can be discussed in this case! Now I know the agencies the cooperation with which is not worth it!  My clients write a reply to the gentlemen by their own on hand, and I send scan copy of the letter to the client together with its translation. It is quick and there is a guarantee that a lady writes by her own.

But let us discuss positive things. I get pleasure from my job. When I see the sparkling eyes of the lady, whom I matched with a man – I am proud of myself!  

I hang photos of the happy couples in my office, who were matched with my help. I do not have a single divorce in my practice! Isn’t it a dream? The matter is that I know each and every client of mine and I know of what pastry they are made. So, I can give a piece of advice to a gentleman, on which lady he should pay special attention and in what way should he act in order to arise her interest. 

Of course I could create a free dating site, but my practice shows that such sites consists of 90% of visitors who are not serious, and just people who are looking for only entertainment. I doubt that a man will pay for a service if he has no really serious interest in serious relationships. That is why there are noble gentlemenamongmyclients. And this fact attracts serious ladies-clients. I check passport of each and every of my client in order to be sure that she in not married.

I could tell you a lot of interesting things about my job, but it would become the whole book (smile). That is why if you need my help, please visit 1beautifulsinglewoman.com/.During the working hours my Skype name is available for you lucky5g, you are welcome.

Live in love.

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